Технологическая карта по английскому языку по теме “In the town”

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Lesson Plan


І BLOCK «Aims and objectives»


Subject: English         


Group:11 Date:


Lesson theme: In the town
Type of lesson: practical
Form of lesson: New lesson
The aim of the lesson: In this lesson use speaking and listening skills to solve problems creatively and cooperatively in groups

organize and present information clearly to others

–  give an opinion at discourse level on a range of general and curricular topics

– recount some extended stories and events on a  growing range of general and curricular topics

Lesson objectives:



Educational: Talking about places in the town
 Developing: development of students’ mental functions

development of linguistic abilities (phonemic and intonational rumor, perception of grammatical phenomena in speech).

Bring up: respect for the personality of each person and the character of each person;
  Results of the lesson:  Basic: ·         Addition and development of grammar on the theme  “In the town.”;

·  Expanding vocabulary on the theme.

Intersubject communication: Kazakh,literature, self-knowledge


 ІІ BLOCK  «Lesson equipment»

Recourses pictures, cards
Technical equipment Power point presentation
Information resource

Basic literature

S. Meiramova, O. Campbell-Thomson “English”, Foliant, 2017 p. 48-50.
Additional literature Tim Falla, Paul A DaviesSolutions Elementary Student’s book, Oxford University Press, 2012

В. Бойко, Н.Жидких, Н.Каверина,1000 устных тем английского языка» «Москва» 2017

Basic terms and concepts Look, look like, ugly, handsome, eyesore, honorable, easy-going
Techniques and methods of lesson: Question and answer method,explanation,thinking, comparisons, vocabulary;
Educational and methodical complex Teaching-methodological complex for English language.


ІІІ BLOCK  «Lesson plan»


Stages Methods of teaching Outline of Lesson Plan
І. Organizational stage Positive atmosphere Greeting/Warm-up.

– Good afternoon, dear students and our guests! We are very glad to see you! How are you today?

Report lesson aims, lesson objectives and set up a group for the workflow.

ІІ. Testing the knowledge skills  


Today, we are going to talk about places in town. Can you name any places in our town?

What’s near our school? Where do you often go at weekends?

ІІІ.Auditing the knowledge skills   The theme of our lesson for today is “In the town”. Teacher introduces students with new vocabulary.

park 2 cinema 3 church 4 town hall 5 post office 6 museum 7 library 8 department store 9 tourist information office 10 theatre 11 car park 12 police station 13 art gallery 14 railway station 15 bank 16 bus station

ІV.Practice of  the knowledge  skills  

Presenting new lexical

Ex.1, p.58 Look at the map. Can you name some of these places.Match the places in the mapwith the words in the box.Work in pairs.

1 park 2 cinema 3 church 4 town hall 5 post office 6 museum 7 library 8 department store 9 tourist information office 10 theatre 11 car park 12 police station 13 art gallery 14 railway station 15 bank 16 bus station

What can you do there? Is there one in our town? Where is it?

Ex 3, p.58 Complete the sentences with words from Ex.1.

Ex.4, p.58 You are going to hear 8 short conversations happening in some of the places listed in exercise 1 and you have to guess which place it is. You will hear the recording twice. It played through once without stopping; the second time. I stop after each place and ask for answers.

Transcript 2.22 1 Man Go on … go on … There’s lots of space behind the car.

Woman We’re very near to that blue car.

Man Which blue car?

Customer That one.

Man Oh, dear. Sorry.   Etc.

V. Consolidation of the knowledge skills Speaking

Pair work



Exercise 5 page 58 • Ask and answer about the places in the map. Study the pictures illustrating the prepositions between, near, next to and opposite. Give translations to prove your understanding, then move on to the speaking activity. Pay attention to pronunciation.



What have we talked about today?  Possible answer: places in town/ our town.  Can you give me some words for places in a town?
VІ. Assessment of the knowledge skills Tree of success The upper part – I understand, I can explain to others.

The middle part -I understand, but I can not explain to others.

The bottom part – I do not understand, I can not explain to others.

VІ. Homework, indication of student’s independent work   Write about a place in your town or near your college. Don’t say the name of the place. Your group mates should guess it.


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