“презентация по английскому на тему A Description of an animals” 5класс

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The theme: A Description of an animals

Aims of the lesson
1. To enrich pupils’ knowledge, to develop pupils’ abilities in speech.
2. To develop their reading, writing, listening skills and grammar, lexical habits.
3. To bring up pupils to be attentive, to write neatly and correctly
To enlarge their love for animals.
Teaching method: Explanation answer – question, listening, work in pairs and work in group.
Visual aids: An interactive board, watching video, crossword, pictures of the animals, riddles,
Procedure of the lesson

1. Organization moment.
Teacher: Good morning, girls and boys!

How are you?

What is a weather like?

What day is it today?

What kind of animals do you like?

What was the hometask?

  1. Well, friends, to begin with, have a look at the blackboard, please.

3.Today our class to be divided in 2 group.
The 1st group: wild animals
The 2nd group: domestic animals

Teacher: 1 gr – What wild animals do you know?
2 gr – What domestic animals do you know?

1 gr – – Lions,tigers,eliphants,hippos,fox,wolf

Teacher: Well very good

2 gr – horse,cow,sheep,hen,dogs,

Teacher: Yes, OK

Todays our new lesson about Hippos

Lets watching video.

Did you like video and what about?

Yes,its about Hippos

  1. Where it live? It lives in the central Africa

2.What it look like? They are big and fat.


OK pupils learn our new  words
hippopotamuses- су сиыр
fat- семіз
eyes- көз
ears- құлақ
short- қысқа
teeth- тіс
long- ұзын
often- үнемі
sleep- ұйықтайды
cool- салқын
at night- түнде
eat- тамақтану
plants- өсімдік
grass- шөп
dangerous- қауіпті
to kill- өлтіру

Ex: 2 p:21  Copy the table.Then write the information in the box in the order it appears in the text

1 Where it live? Central Africa
2 its daily activities Eat at night,grass,
3 interesting facts about the animal Sleep in water,dangerous
4 what it look likes Big and fat

tiger, big tiger.
I’m a hippo, sad hippo.
I’m a monkey, funny monkey.
We are at the zoo.
We are at the zoo.
I’m a crocodile, big crocodile.
I’m an elephant, sad elephant
I’m an antelope, funny antelope.
Look at the blackboard please.

Match the picture with the descriptions
1. This animals looks a big cat. It lives in the jungle.(tiger)
2. This animals can walk without food and water for a long time. (camel)
3. This animals look a dog but it is wild (wolf)
4. The animal that sleeps all winter in a den. (Bear)
5. It has got a long ears. It eats carrots. (Rabbit)
6. This animals live in the India and Africa. It eats grass, leaves.(elephant)

Warm up : Lets dance together
Ex: Put the words in order to make sentences

  1. The tiger/animals/dangerous/is/a

The tiger is a dangerous animals

2.big/has/ears/the elephants

The elephants has big ears


Gorillas are very strong

4.are/and orange/giraffes/brown

Giraffes are brown and orange


ІХ. Unscramble the words
Acmle ——— Camel
Thaleepn ——— Elephant
Niol —————— Lion
Aangkoor ————– Kangaroo
Ffergia ——————– Giraffe

  1. Write and say:

Make a poster

ХІ. Conclusion

Reflection: “The tree of success”. Green leaf – if you liked the lesson, red leaf – if you didn’t like the lesson.


Ex:1p:21 read,learn new words

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