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18.10.2018, 09:02

Topic of methodological guidance:
"Activity of the teacher-organizer in the center of children's creativity".
The modern system of additional education stimulates the continuous improvement of professional competence of teachers, in particular, the readiness of childrens to organize various educational activities. The content, forms, technologies, methods of activity of the teacher-organizer, which is one of the main personalities in the system of additional education, and organizationally different and complex issues.
The main activities of the teachers and organizers are conducting educational and development activities, organization of various leisure activities, interaction with objects: children's creative teams,parents, managers, social partners, etc.b.
All this requires the student-the organizer of high professional and personal training, possessing various competencies that allow students to freely master various forms of organization of educational and developmental activities, not only additional education, but also beyond.

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