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The well — known singers in Kazakhstan Demonstrative and Indefinite pronouns

Today at the lesson we shall speak about the greatest Kazakh famous singers, such as their biographies.
T: lets revise the most useful words according to the theme of the lesson in Kazakh and English

1. Roza Baglanova- Roza Baglanova as a Kazakh soprano opera and pop singer who was famous during the Soviet era. On top of receiving the high honor of being named a National Hero of Kazakhstan, Roza also won several awards throughout her musical career. Among the awards she won was the 1967 People’s Artist of the USSR. Roza performed in many countries, and loved to sing in the language of the country that she was visiting.
Zhanar Dugalova- Originally part of the Kazakh pop group called KeshYou, Zhanar Dugalova has made a name for herself in the Kazakh music industry. In 2014, Zhanar left KeshYou to persue an independent music career. She is well-known for winning Türkvizyon Song Contest 2014 with her song “Izin korem.”
5. Dilnaz Akhmadieva- This talented Kazakh woman is not only famous for her voice, but she is also famous for other talents as well. Dilnaz Akhmadieva is famous as a Kazakhstani pop singer, and has songs in Russian, Uyghur, Kazakh, and English. She also appeared in the 2006 film Nomad.
6. Madina Saduakasova- Madina Saduakasova was exercising her singing abilities long before she became a famous Kazakh pop star. She began singing when she was a child, then graduated from the Qyzylorda Music School with a diploma in choral conduct. Madina also participated in several singing competitions including Muzikalniy Voyazh, which she won twice. She released her first album in 2004, and still tours around Kazakhstan.
T: And you to present your works. Now, group number 1. Who will present a poster from your group? Come to the blackboard.
Listening to music “Atameken” by Roza Rymbaeva and answer the questions:
Do you know this song? Name the song. (Atameken)
Who sings it? (Roza Rymbaeva)
What can you say about her?
Listening to music “my-universe” by Kairat Nurtas and answer the questions:
Do you know this song? Name the song. (my-universe)
Who sings it? (Kairat Nurtas )
Listening to music “Akkuim” by Dimash Kudaibergen and answer the questions:
Do you know this song? Name the song. (Akkuim)

Who sings it? (Dimash Kudaibergen )

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