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They are cutting the trees

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Исмайлова Асель
Қызылорда облысы Қазалы ауданы
№ 258 негізгі мектебінің ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі

Grade: 7
Subject: English
Theme: They are cutting the trees
The type of the lesson: PPT, Interaction
The aim of the lesson:
Educational aim:
• to present of the new words, to practise talking about ecological problems;
Developing aim:
• to develop pupil’s opinion, skills and habits; to improve pronunciation;
• to bring up the sense of responsibility for the nature;
Type of the lesson: combined
Visual aids: books, a computer, tape recorder, pictures, posters
Methods of the lesson: brainstorming, working in groups, acting out dialogues, video
The procedure of the lesson:
I. Organization moment
a) greeting;
b) checking up the pupils;
c) talking with the pupil on duty
II. Asking the homework:
• checking up Dialogue
• Asking questions
III. Speech drill exercise. Poem Nature
It Was Beautiful
It was Green and Clean.
The smell of Fresh Air
The sound of the river flowing
I love everything happening there.
I pinched myself to see if it was real.
That was ..........
IV. Brainstorming
T: Pupils, now we’ll watch a video about the nature. Look at the interactive board.
IV. New lesson
1. Explaining the aim of the lesson:
T: Pupils, we take a new lesson. The theme of a new lesson is “They’re cutting the trees”. Today we’re to say about pollution of the environment and we’ll say how to protect it. What can we do and how we can solve this problem?
Before to start the lesson, let’s get to know a new words. It’s on the slide. (slide 1):
nature – табиғат oil – мұнай cut – кесу
pollute – ластау kill – өлтіру forest – орман
burn – от жағу factories – завод dump – ластау
2. Doing exercises. Work with textbook
Exercise 1. Warm-up. Poem.
Spring is green
Summer is bright
Autumn is yellow
And winter is white.
Exercise 2. Listen and practise.
What’s happening? It’s on the black board. (slide 2)
They’re burning the trees. The oil is killing birds. The man’s dumping rubbish.
Exercise 3. Look up the new words in the vocabulary. We will repeat our today’s new words.
Exercise 4. Questionaire. Talk to your partner. What’s happening in your village (town, city, country)?
a) Do you pollute water?
b) Do you burn trees?
c) Do you kill birds?
d) Do you dump rubbish?
Working in groups: Discussing of what happening in your village?
Explaining Present Simple and Present Continuous Tenses (teacher’s work)
Student’s work (tasks from Internet)
VI. Concluding stage.
T: Pupils, what you can say and imagine when you hear the word nature. Let’s make an poster. Two groups of students make their poster. For example:
water air

kill birds cut trees

dump rubbish burn trees

a) giving marks;
b) giving a homework
T: Pupils, your home work will be exercise and to learn by heart the new words

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