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Исмайлова Асель
Қызылорда облысы Қазалы ауданы
№ 258 негізгі мектебінің ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі

General outline of the lesson
Grade: 6
The theme of the lesson: Unit 1, Step 4. Sightseeing
The aim of the lesson:
- to conclude materials about sightseeings of England and Kazakhstan;
- to enrich pupils’ knowledge and enrich pupils’ vocabulary;
- to develop pupils activities ; speaking, reading, writing, understanding, thinking.
- to bring up love and interest to the subject, to respect each other.
Methods: Using Methods of Constructive teaching technology.
Group work, work with pair and individual work.
Visual aids: Interactive board, slides, Papers with the tasks, cards
Plan of the lesson:
Parts of the lesson Cognitive action of students Teacher’s action of management
I. Beginning of the lesson
a) Organization moment.
b) Greeting
c) Divide into two group Learn to express their own opinion
Dividing into two groups: England and Kazakhstan
- Observe students’ action, their mood.
- Communicative with them
d) Checking up the home assignments:
To write essay “My
hobby” - to read essay using pictures;
- Listen to each other.
- Share with opinions.
- Express to students opinion.
- Listen to them.
- Correct them (if it needs)
e) Brainstorming:
Method: “Menu”.

Method:“Look, Say, Write” -Proverb: Knowledge is a Power, Power in the Book
To divide into three groups: nursery, primary, secondary
II. Introduction of the new materials: Method:“Look, Say, Write”
a) Listening
b) Reading the texts
“London”, “Astana” - Listening;
- Repeat Vocabulary -
-reading the texts
-translating the texts - To explain the method.
- to introduce a new words;
- to explain Grammar: Present Simple tense;
- check up and observe students’ work.
- control the class
Task 2 [task from the Net]
- Answer the questions; - Discuss and answer the question in a group; - To observe students’ action.

ІII. Reflection:
Method: ”Traffic-lights”
Exercise from the book;
To complete the sentences; To draw Ven’s diagram to the poster; - Share with knowledge, active vocabulary. To complete the sentences on the poster and, also on the blackboard. Demonstrate to the class
- To observe their action, pronunciation.
- Help and direct them

Exercise 5,6. On page 12.
-To complete the words with the words from exercise 4.
-look at the photographs and answer the questions;
-To learn the new words; -To explain main of the home assignments
V.Assеssment of the students To Collect paper of assessment Set the marks by their each other’s evaluation

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