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My friend has been reading since morning
23.04.2015, 00:53

Grade: 7
Subject: English
Theme: Unit 1, Step 4. My friend has been reading since morning
The type of the lesson: PPT, Interaction

The aim of the lesson:
• to conclude materials about visits big cities, presentation of the grammar material Present Perfect Continuous tense;
• to increase their opinion, listening, speaking, reading and each habits, to develop imagination and fantasy;
• to support interests and respect for studying English language, formation of ability to work in pairs, to help to each other.
Visual aids: books, interaction board, test papers

The procedure of the lesson
I. Organization moment
a) greeting;
b) checking up the pupils;
c) talking with the pupil on duty

II. Asking the homework:
• checking up the Exercise 20, on p.24
• Asking questions

III. Speech drill exercise
It’s raining, it’s pouring.
It’s raining, it’s pouring, (движение пальчиками сверху вниз, имитирующие падающие капли дождя)
The old man is snoring, (сложить руки за голову, изобразив подушку)
He went to bed (ладошки - под щекой, как будто спим)
And bumped his head (слегка хлопнуть ладошкой по голове)
And couldn’t get up in the morning. (покачать головой, изображая сожаление)

IV. New lesson
T: Pupils, we take a new lesson. The theme of a new lesson is “My friend has been reading since morning”.
Before to start our lesson let’s I introduce to you a new words:
аrrive – келу, жету
luck– сәттілік
lucky – сәтті, бақытты
skyscrapers – көк тіреген, көк қабатты
V. Doing exercises. Work with textbook
Exercise 1. Look at the pictures in ex. 5.
Т: And I have some pictures. Look at me, pupils!
What are they doing?
When did they start?
Pupils, now look at the slide, please. On PPT is given videofilm “Follow me!”
Exercise 2. Write down the ideas about them:
a) Your teacher checks them
b) Fix them on the walls.
Exercise 9. Choose the correct form of the verb.
Exercise 10. Read the conversations
Exercise 11. Are the sentence true or false?
Using adjectives describing cities
Exercise12. Talk to the friend.
The game “Describe the thing”
(Учитель быстро показывает детям какой-либо предмет, затем, убрав его, просит назвать его цвет и размеры на английском языке.)
Explaining the Grammar Present Perfect Continuos
Exercise 13-14. What … like?
Exercise 15. Ask questions to Tom about Melbourne.
VI. Concluding stage.
a) giving marks;
b) giving a homework
T: Pupils, your home work will be exercise 16, on p. 28.

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