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Конспект урока по английскому языку на тему "Food"

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17.10.2016, 21:57

Class: 7
Theme: Food
The main objects of the lesson:
1. To explain the meaning of the structure '' Would you like?'' to teach children how to use this structure;
2. To develop pupils reading, speaking, writing skills and to support their active vocabulary.
Type of the lesson: combined lesson
Visual aids: pictures, cards and tables
The procedure of the lesson
I. Organization moment:
- Good morning, children!
- Who is on duty today?
- Who is absent?
II. Speech drill
-What date is it today?
-What day is it today?
-What season is it now?
-What month is it now?
III. Phonetic drill
Breakfast in the morning,
Dinner in the day.
Tea comes after dinner
Then comes time to play.
Supper in the evening
When the sky is red.
Then the day is over
And we go to bed.
IV. Checking up the home task: What was your home task for today?
V. Presentation of the new material
Teacher reads the new words, pupils try to guess the translation of these words. Children repeat after me the new words, please.
lemonade, coca- cola, kymyz, milk
pepsi, water, pizza, oranges
cake, sandwiches, wine, bananas
salad, tea, chocolate, hamburgers
apple, juice, meat, coffee
VI. Divide the products into 3 groups.
VII. New structure. Teacher explain the usage of the structure
-Would you like some juice?
-Yes, please.
-No, thanks.
VIII. Complete the diagram.
Eating in Britain Both countries like Eating in Kazakhstan
pudding tea bauyrsak
hamburger cheese mutton
sandwich salad beshbarmak
pizza cake kuyrdak
hot-dog coffee chuzhuk
honey juice katyk
IX. Conclusion.
-Today we had a very good lesson. Now you can count your stars. Only one of you will be the winner of our lesson. Good luck.
X. Home task and assessment.

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