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Статья по использованию эффетивных стратегий в обучении английскому языку

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24.02.2016, 20:38

Changing political and economic views on the development of our country on the path of joining to the 30 most developed countries of the world is dictated by external and internal global challenges of our time. The updated content of education sets the new tasks for the teachers of Kazakhstan the solution of which the English language is given one of the most important role.
Therefore it is necessary to revise the English language-learning system, to choose an effective method for teachers to guide the bringing up of a new generation of Kazakhstan's ability to think in the language and to engage in free communication in the language. Make learning English accessible and communicative.
Communicative approach in English teaching appeared at a time when language teaching-learning in many parts of the world was ready for a fundamental change. It brought a new humanistic approach to teaching.

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