«Среднесрочное планирование по теме «All about sport» для 5 класса»

1. The theme of my lesson plan is Children’s game for 5th grade. Designing this plan I focused on main principles of updated curriculum: differentiation, active learning and criteria based assessment. They all help to achieve a set of learning objectives, which fit perfectly to the topic «Competition» These include:
• Learners achieve ‘use of English’ objective by using imperative forms to give short instructions for playing the game in the introductory phase of the lesson.
• The next objective comes from the first one, where students develop listening skills by understanding short supported classroom instructions during the game.
• As a result the last objective is achieved: Problem solving skill is developed through listening and speaking throughout the lesson.
the aims are achievable because SMART principles apply to the logic of the lesson plan.
Active learning
for effective achievement lesson objectives different active methods are used.
• The lead-in stage with «Wonder wall» activates schema and includes personalizing aspect.
• Total physical response is the best method to introduce new vocabulary in imperative structures
• Another way of promoting active learning is typical secondary task framework: grammar gaming takes place when learners are required to use target language in the framework of a game.

Group work is the focus of this lesson, as the topic of the lesson is competition.
Teacher’s support is provided before the game with the help of
visual aids, vocabulary support, differentiation through grouping.
Every student is given a role so that everyone’s involvement influences the game results. More able students from every group are challenged by “reader” role while weaker students with the rest three roles exchange peer support.

It means constant peer scaffolding is the condition for winning the game, the success of the following member and the group as a whole depends on every participant. Here the teacher has the role of observer and coordinator and students achieve the objectives while playing the game.

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